• Hazel.B is a headwear company formed by Hazel Baek in Korea to explore various ways to embellish the head and hair.

      Brining in her experience studying traditional Korean headwears in Korea and creating floral wedding crowns as a florist in Chicago, the company investigates how to use conventional and traditional headwears in a modern way that further takes on as a form of sculpture. 

      Her practice starts in Chicago when she first studied millinery and fine art at the School of the Art Institue of Chicago. Her career starter there as a florist and dabbled in the botanical arts. She continued her headwear studies in Korea under the 50th Intangible Cultural Property from 2017 till 2019, focusing on traditional women’s headwear. The company was established to create an elaborate variety of headwear that embodies traditional Korean headwear elements to botanical characteristics, giving a fresh approach to the audience and consumers. 

      *Intangible Cultural Property is a person designated from South Korea to preserve traditional craftsmanship and be protected by the country.* 

      *millinery is a skill set designing and creating headwears*